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    Your child could be eligible for Section 504 accommodations at school.


    Find out what types of accommodations colleges provide.


    How does your school district comply with Section 504 federal law?


Meet Linda J Silver

Linda J. Silver, M.S., Ed.S. is the Executive Director and Founder of Silver & Associates Educational Consulting Solutions.



“Linda Silver is a competent, professional educator. Her pre-eminate knowledge and command of Section 504 of the American’s with Disabilities ACT is an asset to any school, district or individual seeking information, advice or consultation.  Linda is judicious and detail oriented. She has a gift of delivering information in a manner which addresses the particular needs of her target audience that is personalized and engaging. I personally seek Linda’s insight and professional acumen when addressing Section 504 accommodations and plans in my current position as Section 504 Liaison. I, without hesitation, recommend Linda Silver’s expertise to professional organizations as well as private individuals.”

Dana Ostendorf, Section 504 Liaison, City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools, FL


“Mrs. Silver provides thorough and accurate information on every aspect of Section 504. The Section 504 trainings she facilitates are a result of knowledge and well thought out preparation. She brings a combination of experience and facts in providing the Section 504 information that needs to be utilized and implemented in the schools.”

Rose-Edith Morgan, School Certified Counselor


“I had the pleasure of working with Linda on a presentation at the 2018 National Institute on Legal Issues of Educating Individuals with Disabilities Conference in Dallas, Texas. Her experience in the school system, and knowledge of Section 504 compliance, was evident in her presentation style and interactions with attendees. She is a consummate professional and a great lady!”

Kelly Whiting, Training & Implementation Specialist with background in Education


“As a school administrator, I need to make on the spot decisions that will benefit my students and will also comply with district, State and federal mandates. When it comes to decisions involving section 504, Linda Silver is my go-to person! Linda has been an integral leader in our district. Not only was she always available to answer questions and provide guidance, but she created procedures and processes that moved our entire district forward, allowing school leaders to protect the rights of students under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Linda’s revision of the Section 504 District Manual gave us the tools we needed to assess each student’s needs, determine eligibility and then provide the appropriate accommodations.  

Even though Linda has moved beyond our school district, the relationships she has built with school leaders continue. When I have a Section 504 question or concern, Linda is still my first call. She never hesitates to provide information, support and input. When Linda is on your team, you know you will be able to support the best interest of each student you serve!”

Laura Cohen, Ph.D., School Administrator, Broward Schools, FL


“Linda Silver is an expert on Section 504 and Section 504 Accommodation Plans and a former school district Section 504/ADA Specialist. She has superior communication skills and her 504 trainings are tailored to her audience. Linda’s district and school based experiences give her the unique perspective to offer 504 district trainings to be in compliance with the law while also understanding the challenges school districts face.”

Idel Liebowitz, Instructional Specialist/District Secondary Literacy

Department, Broward Schools, FL


“Linda Silver is an expert on 504 plans and accommodations. She knows how the system works and she is very knowledgeable, super friendly and available to answer any questions at any time. Since I started working with Linda on my son’s case, everything is finally moving forward. I’m very happy and grateful that Linda took the time to explain to me how everything works, my rights as a parent, and the rights of my child. I’m very happy with the service and knowledge provided by Linda and her associates. Thank you so much for everything you do!” Kelly M., Aventura, FL

“I wish we had started using Silver and Associates Educational Consulting Solutions a year and a half ago. It would have saved us a lot of time with our son’s educational needs. Anyone who is going through the motions with a school should have an advocate. The best advocate out there is Linda Silver hands down. Thank you again so much.”         Erica Cohen, Plantation, FL

“I am a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst for a school district and had some questions regarding services a student is entitled to receive under a Section 504 Plan. Linda spent an hour speaking with me, helping me understand the Section 504 plan process and what my students would be entitled to. She is extremely knowledgeable about this subject and was able to provide me with information that I turn-keyed to my guidance department.”

Nyssa Schlem, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, South Plainfield Public Schools, NJ


“I had the pleasure of working with Linda while employed with Broward County Public Schools. I was Coordinator of Instruction, Intervention, and Guidance. It was a pleasure working with Linda, as she was innovative and looked to serve her community with exceptional service. Her knowledge of Section 504 and Special Education was impressive. She consistently sought out education opportunities to become better informed, and was often called upon to share her knowledge with the wider Counseling staff.


Linda became a leading source of knowledge on matters of Section 504, an often-overlooked area of education. Her knowledge and expertise was invaluable, and as the leader of the unit I often sought her guidance in that area.


I am honored to continue to be associated with Linda. I have recommended her services to several clients looking to develop Section 504 programs, or in need of consultants with expertise in the area.” Jack Reed, Senior Account Executive at Rosen Classroom


“Ms. Silver has been guiding children and their families for many years. She was always looking for a better way to serve our student populations, families, and be supportive of our teachers all at the same time. She always listened and developed solutions that all stakeholders could agree upon. Ms. Silver has been recognized as a leader in her field by her peers, the school district, and the State of Florida!”

Linda H. Arnold, Principal


“When our son was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I, Linda helped us navigate the system and obtain the services he was entitled to receive under Section 504. Her extensive knowledge and connections made the process easy and the end result successful.”

Bari G, Hollywood, FL


Linda is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the Broward County School System is second to none. Linda opens doors, and worked with our 504 advisor at Deerfield Beach HS to admit our daughter into the IB Program as a new student. Linda also led the way in constructing a personalized 504 Plan that compensated for all areas of her disability. Whether it was for extra time for exams, or extra time for her to arrive at her classes, all areas were addressed to optimize her experience as a high school student. Do not hesitate to contact Linda. She is an invaluable resource whose knowledge will put you and your child at ease.”

Peter Cook, Deerfield Beach, FL


Linda Silver gave me much-needed knowledge as well as confidence in being able to navigate the waters of 504. She clearly and supportively educated me on the kinds of accommodations that are available in the school system for children who have any special need from a food allergy to a physical disability and everything in between. I’ve been a speech pathologist working in schools and privately for over 20 years and had no idea that these services existed until Linda enlightened me. I highly recommend Linda Silver.”

Evelyn Grossman, Speech Pathologist


We worked with Silver & Associates on our child’s 504 needs specifically to address the accommodation plan both at school and for scholastic test preparation. Linda’s knowledge of students and parents’ rights, as well as the inner workings of the County’s sometimes complex system under these plans, enabled us to navigate the process in a healthy and efficient manner.


We would Linda easy to work with, and her communication with all the parties involved including our child, ourselves, local school administrators, county school representatives, multiple test preparatory providers and others, proved to be highly effective in achieving our desired results. Linda is extremely comprehensive in her approach which enabled us to identify potential pitfalls along the way, and equally important has a real willingness to tackle these issues. If you are a parent seeking support in this process, we strongly recommend Silver & Associates.

Ira and Karen N., Cooper City, FL


Linda has a superior talent and knows her stuff and the law. I was the recipient of her expertise, in the past, and it wouldn’t take a NY minute to recommend her to others. She’s the real deal. Can’t find anyone any better or more competent and well versed in the law.

Nadine Weltman Laham, Principal, Imagine Charter Schools

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