Getting back into the school routine can be stressful but if you follow these 5 steps before school starts you will be off to a good start and be stress free!

A 504 Accommodation Plan provides individual accommodations, so your child has the same access to their education as a non-disabled child. Having clear, well written accommodations will eliminate miscommunication or confusion as to what needs to be provided. A Healthcare Plan only provides medical information and should be incorporated into the 504 Accommodation Plan. It does not take the place of a 504 Accommodation Plan.

Update medical records, information and prescriptions:

Have there been any medication changes over the summer? Have you contacted the doctor’s office to have up-to-date doctor’s orders? If yes, it is critical that you provide the school with the most recent information as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the first day of school when it could be very hectic in the front office with new registrations. Is medication being dispensed at school? Sign the medication authorization form before school starts and bring in the medication early so everything is in place the first day of school.

Who’s in charge of Section 504 this year:

Don’t assume that key personnel are in the same positions as last school year. Personnel changes happen over the summer. Is your Section 504 Coordinator familiar with your child’s 504 Accommodation Plan? Are the accommodations that need to be provided understood? Ensure that the Section 504 Coordinator gives all teachers and required staff members a copy of the 504 Accommodation Plan before the first day of school. You want them to become familiar with it so that the accommodations are provided the very first day of school.

Have your child’s needs changed:

Section 504 Accommodation Plans are based on a student’s current needs. Don’t wait for the school to contact you. Be pro-active and let the Section 504 Coordinator know that you are requesting a meeting to update and revise the 504 Accommodation Plan as soon as possible.

Communication is essential:

Talk to all adults involved about your child’s disability or chronic health condition. Let them know if there are any limitations. Does your child have frequent absences because of doctor appointments? Does your child have any food limitations? Does your child need frequent bathroom or water breaks? Accommodations should be written to address these types of needs.

Before and Aftercare Programs on school site:

Communicate with the Program Provider what your child’s needs are. Provide them with a copy of your most recent 504 Accommodation Plan. When it gets updated provide them with a copy as well. They must follow the same federal law as the school.

Here’s to you and your child having a great start to a new school year!

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